What Is Workout:

A workout is a practice or exercise to test or improve one’s fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance by discharging sweat and exhausting by working.

What Is Workout Diet:


Workout Diet may be pre and post. Workout is incomplete without a proper workout diet. Workout diet is very important as that of workout regime, it constitutes major percentage in body building and health fitness. Without a proper and perfect workout diet ones workout is not worthy.

Timings of Workout:

Workout diet is taken equivalent to the workout regime with minimal time gap. As there are types of workout depending on the time, diet matters. The best time to exercise is the one that works with their body clock and fits with their schedules. Our body’s circadian rhythm determines whether a night owl or an early bird. Firstly we’ll have a look into timings of workouts,


Many people swear by that they’ll hit the gym or jogging track by early in the morning at 5 am or 6 am, but due to the bed comfort, sleep lovers stick to the bed by just snoozing the alarm. Research suggests that individuals who do exercise in the morning tend to do better. Timings in morning may vary from 4 am till 10 am.

Working out, doing cardio especially, on an empty stomach will burn more fat calories because your carbohydrate reserves are almost used up. That causes the body to turn to fat stores for energy first.

The mood boosting harmones released during exercise keeps the day  optimistic and positive for the rest of the day.


Morning Workout Diet:

Pre Workout diet: For breakfast you can go with carbohydrates and proteins. One should not go on empty stomach. Banana with a glass of milk can be a good breakfast.

Post Workout: Already with your pre workout diet, your body is performing its function by repairing muscle loss. Carbohydrates and Proteins are doing their role. Immediately after the workout you can go with nice juicy drink of fruits as it helps a lot by storing required nutrients and also some salts.

Yogurt and cheese are also very good as the good fats needed for a stressed body and muscles which help them regain their energy, but make sure to take in very limited calories

Diet source can include bread, butter, milk, eggs, fruits, etc..

  1. Mid-day:

Some individuals prefer doing workouts in afternoon; timings may vary from 10AM to 2PM. This timing usually prefer to the high end professional body builders, athletes or sportspersons.

Professionals tell that afternoon may be a better time to engage in more explosive exercises, such as kickboxing or racquetball. Research has shown that the body’s temperature tends to rise by a few degrees in the afternoon, warming the muscles and connective tissues and resulting in a slight improvement in your performance capabilities.

Working out in the afternoon also requires a little less time stretching on the mat because your heart and muscles are more prepared for the stress of exercise than when you’re fresh out of bed. If you’re not putting in a longer warm-up, morning workouts can put you at a higher risk for injury.


Midday Workout Diet:


Pre Workout: usually for midday its lunch time and going for diet before workout doesn’t fair. But can go for little proteins, fruits or bread which helps them gain some energy calories for good workout in gym.


Post Workout: this is important for midday workout. After the strenuous workout one feels very tired and immediately they need heavy diet as said before its midday workout, so carbohydrates and proteins are must be in dish.


Diet source can include Brown rice, dal, pulses, fish, fruits, etc..


  1. Evening:


Usually after work, workout is very relaxing. No hurry, tension to get to the work. Timings in evening workout will totally be in our hand can do workout starting from 3PM to night 10PM or even late if it’s your personal gym.


Scientists found that the body’s metabolism seems to adapt better to a keep-fit routine in the evening or night-time.
Scientists found that two endocrine hormones cortisol and thyrotropin  increased far more in those who exercised either in the evening or late at night. Scientists also found that glucose levels decreased far more in the individuals who do workout in evening.


Evening Workout Diet:


Pre Workout: evening usually time runs fast while arranging work schedules and engagements, so snacks can go, that too which are having good fats, proteins and little carbs.


Post Workout: this time comes upto genrally dinner time so again can go for heavy menu but make sure again selection of good source of proteins & carbs.


Diet source can include chicken, eggs, cereals, etc..


No matter of the time of workout one chooses but diet must be choosy, whether its pre or post diet must contain carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, fats, salts, minerals, vitamins, etc..

Good food always gives good health.

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