Cardio is related to heart, in short for cardiovascular exercises. These workouts mainly target fat burning results, it gets heart rate up and increase blood circulation. Many fitness freaks do cardio only to burn off excess calories and it will need high amount of energy. They are many forms of exercises, which at the end will burn off the calories. Fat loss also depends on calories burned versus calories consumed.



Health benefits of Cardio

There are also wide varieties of health benefits apart from the fat loss. Among them are a few common ones which everyone would like to know about.

Heart Muscle:

By doing any physical exercise heart rate goes up and maintains a perfect rhythm. It doesn’t get weak and unhealthy, instead it performs well and gets better every day. Overall individual will be free from heart attacks as it also reduces cholesterol levels.


When performing cardio, metabolism effects. As you increase your heart rate, cardio also increases metabolism which is very good for your body.


Doing cardio, one can see a change in their hormonal behavior, which is very good.  It releases feel good hormones, which help in ease with depression and fatigue. Individuals who work on cardio regularly will clearly notice and enjoy positive outlook in life because they are getting stress relief benefits from these hormones.


Cardio is the good exercise for the people with diabetics as they experience frequent changes in their blood sugar levels. By doing cardio, you will increase muscles ability to utilize glucose. Those who exercise regularly, tend to have better control on blood glucose levels.

Stress Relief:

Cardio reduces stress levels by increasing the production of endorphins.  It improves self-confidence and keeps us active throughout the day.

Weight Loss:

Regular cardio exercise will help achieve desired weight loss in a healthy way.  It will burn lot of calories in short period of time which will reduce fat stores in the body.

Fast recover ability during weight training:

Low paced cardio with weight training will decrease your recovery time. Performing cardio exercises will help remove some of the byproducts that created during the lifting session. This helps to reduce your DOMS [delayed onset of muscle soreness], help bring oxygen rich blood to the muscle tissue improving in the repair and rebuilding process. Helps in get back to the gym quicker and work on the muscles again. The more frequently you are able to work on the muscle, faster you will add additional new muscle. Cardio helps in this process.

Various types of cardio activities:

Cardio can be any form, simply walking, stair climbing, jogging, doing squats, stretching, skipping, cycling etc. any form is good for cardio. The important thing is to have some continuous physical activity to maintain good health and fitness.

As you build up the fitness level, then you can concentrate on advanced forms of cardio such as weight lifting, sprints, etc. One can do 30-45 minutes, for 3-5 times a week then can increase the intensity of the cardio rather than the volume, unless for a long distance run.

Cardio must be done in a limit, overdoing will result in unwanted results such as muscle loss.


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