Squats reverse the effects of prolonged sitting: The postural consequences of prolonged sitting have led to the statement “sitting is the new smoking”. Prolonged sitting is associated with decreased hip mobility, decreased gluteal activation and strength as well as low back, mid back and neck pain and chronic recurrent injuries. The most powerful tool counteracting bouts of prolong sitting is participating in regular micro-breaks, as identified by the clinical research. Using these micro breaks to pump out 20 squats will have the desired effect of improving the negative postural consequences associated with musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.


Squats for fat loss: The most effective way an individual can burn more fat, even at rest, is to increase lean muscle mass. Due to the fact that most of our basic needs are achieved with such minimal effort these days, we have developed a predisposition to increased body fat as a species. Squats challenge a very high number of individual muscles. This challenge to these muscles leads to increases in muscular mass, and muscular mass is very metabolically active. When we increase our resting metabolic activity, we require more calories at our resting metabolic rate, and often these calories are derived from our own body fat.


Squats increase HGH & Testosterone: Numerous studies have shown sharp spikes in both testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) following squats. Because squats are a major compound movement incorporating so many muscles in the body, there is a massive hormonal response. These hormones put the body in the anabolic state which means there is a predisposition to laying down more muscle mass.


Improves circulation to the lower extremities: There are many pathologic conditions that lead to decreased blood and lymph circulation of the lower limb. Frequent flying, diabetes, and injury to lower limb can all lead to impeded circulation within the lower limbs Squats challenge all the largest muscles of the lower limb which causes a significant shunting of nutrient rich blood to the area. Often accessory muscles spasm associated with poor lower limb kinetic during injury lead to a pain-spasm cycle which must be interrupted with adequate blood flow and neural activation. Squats are a perfect way to do this


Squats Improve Digestion and Circulation: An overlooked benefit of doing squats relates to circulation and digestion. The speed in which fluids travel through your body is improved when exercising your leg muscles, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to travel through your body’s organs. This includes improvements to small intestine efficiency.


Squats tone your lower body and core muscles: Squats mainly work your lower body, specifically your quadriceps and glutes. It’s your knee position in particularly bending them to a 90-degree angle — that helps activate these muscle groups effectively.

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