Benefits of Drinking Water

Water Benefits

How much water per day should you consume ?

Water Benefits
Benefits of drinking water

Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight, The human brain is made up of 95% water. So it is important to replace the fluids lost through normal body functions. A slight 2% drop can trigger signs of dehydration and it can result in headache, difficulty focusing and trigger short term memory loss effect.

Benefits of drinking water

Water lubricates our joints and allows them to move more smoothly. When dehydrated, the body restricts water away from the joints. Less lubrication can cause greater friction and that can cause joint, knee and back pain potentially leading to injuries and arthritis.Water flushes toxins and waste from the body through urination and perspiration. Water helps reduce constipation. It aids in bowel movements and ensures that wastes are removed quickly and regularly before they can become poisonous in the body.

Water helps in weight loss and helps energise muscles, it also helps in digestion of food, nutrients from the food we eat are broken down in the digestive system where they become water-soluble, which means they are dissolved in water. Water regulates our body temperature along with making skin look good. Your skin contains plenty of water, and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Keeping ourselves hydrated all times helps our eyes, as our eyeballs need plenty of lubrication to work well and remain healthy. Drinking enough water will also lessen the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products.


Benefits of drinking water are numerous, but how much to consume depends on how much physical activity you do, the climate you live in and your health conditions. It also helps in keeping your the skin look good and young. Lemon water is an easy solution to enhance your beauty and get a glow on your skin.

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